Recruitment Fraud Alert

We are aware of attempts by scammers to steal information or funds from candidates, while falsely claiming to be recruiting on behalf of Reckitt.  

There are two types of recruitment fraud to watch out for: 

1. Candidate Recruitment Fraud 

Scammers use the brand names of large companies such as Reckitt to conduct bogus interviews, extend fake job offer letters, and attempt to gain access to personal information or money. These scammers generally locate victims via online recruitment sites such as LinkedIn or Indeed, then engage in a full hiring process for a job that doesn’t exist.  

2. Recruitment Agency Scam 

Fraudsters, posing as Reckitt recruiters, approach recruitment agencies to offer bogus job placements and set up bogus interviews with candidates with the intent to charge placement fees to the agency. This activity is without authorization and is illegal. 

Warning signs of a recruitment scam

There are a number of things you need to watch out for.  

We will never adopt any of the following practices:  

  • Request money (e.g. for ‘visa fees’, taxes, a percentage of travel expense). 
  • Send cheques (which will eventually bounce) for you to ‘buy equipment’. 
  • Request personal information such as passport and bank account details via email, text, or otherwise outside of our candidate or payroll portals. 
  • Send emails or messages from accounts such as Facebook Messenger, whatsapp,  Yahoo, Gmail or – all communications will come from our emails ending in or, or – or be automated messages from our candidate portal after you have applied. 
  • We will only use and when asking you to apply 
  • Make substantial spelling and grammatical errors or use poorly formatted documentation. 
  • Insist on urgency from the onset. 

What to do if you are suspicious or a victim of a scam 

  • Discontinue the conversation immediately and retain any correspondence or details to help us record and report the incident. 
  • If you’ve exchanged any personal or banking information, contact your financial institutions, credit reporting agencies, and/or local authorities. 
  • If in doubt, ask for proof of Reckitt employment or use our company switchboard to make contact with us to check the credentials of the individual you’ve been in contact with. 
  • You can also report this to the Federal Trade Commission using this link
  • If you have a screenshot or link to the original job posting, please send to:

We hope that by sharing this information, we can help protect you and our people and put an end to these types of scams.  

Please visit to explore and apply for our current job vacancies, and to keep your information private and safe. 

We wish you the best of luck in your job search.